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Why Dot Satus? It's simple, we can build a website from anything between an atom and the earth. We are a niché company catering to individuals and small businesses who want to make a unique website that fits their purpose.

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Training Gaming Company

"They gave us a new identity and helped us rebrand our business. If I'd start a new business I know whom to reach out to again."


Life, Career & Executive Coach

"I was a bit hesitant if I should make my website but after the consultation, I realized how much it can help me get more business and reach a wider audience. It was such a pleasant experience working with them"

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Non-Proft Organisation

"Dot Satus made a great interactive website in our budget. They kept us in the loop at every step making the process smooth and stress-free"


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Organized Desk

About Dot Satus

We are the Champions at Creating Interactive Websites for Individuals and Small Businesses across the Globe


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