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For the L   ve of building Websites

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Dot Satus was established in 2020 to develop unique websites for individuals and small businesses.

Established in the middle of a pandemic to work with people/businesses most affected by it, Dot Satus is a website development agency that specializes in Wix. Our mission is to get individuals/small businesses online for a wider reach, helping them connect with their audience and grow their business. 


With the world rapidly transitioning into a digital economy, our aim is to take at least 100 businesses online by 2023. We are a budding startup ready to grow and take individuals and other brands hand in hand with us.

Quick Facts

We’re based in India


Years of Experience

Client Satisfaction

Only Dettol performs better than us

What's in the name?


Our industry has been swamped by random ‘trendy’ words, so we just wanted to have more meaning. You can't have a '.com' without a Dot. Also our dot covers websites for every industry, from an atom to the earth. Satus means to start or to grow in Latin. Thus, helping small businesses and individuals start and grow their work and business online.

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Shashwat Dhuliya

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Meet the Founder

Passionate about adding value to people's lives and helping them create a positive change.

In the past, having been a founding member and worked with an Edtech Startup and handling several projects with Dell, Motorola, Marsh & McLennan, PWC, Aditya Birla, ADNOC, Home Credit, and many more MNCs helps me provide expertise in delivering projects.


Alongside my passion to help people progress, I love to spend time with nature, stay active, learn from people & read philosophy. Recently found my love for snowboarding.

"If you take the time to pause and reflect, there is learning in everything.​"

We'll help you get known locally and globally

Let's build your dream website today

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